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Custom Character Illustration

Dartania Everhate by Alane Fieldson © 2000Do you have a RPG character that you have spent endless hours slaving over to get him or her just right? Do you have a picture of your favorite character?

Well do you want one?

To Order:

me the requested information listed below with your character's name in the subject line of your message. I will email you a price quote and information for ordering. Payment in the form of credit card, check or money order is expected before I will begin a picture. Credit card orders are made possible by PayPal.


I am available to take orders for 3 - 4 portraits per month. Should there be greater demand than I can fill, you will be issued a number for the next available slot.

General Pricing:

All artwork is on 8.5" x 11" high quality hot-press watercolor paper using combinations of ink, watercolor, gouache, and colored pencil. You recieve the original artwork as well as a .jpg file sent through email and the right to display the work on any personal, noncommercial pages. REMEMBER: Purchase of original artwork does not constitute purchase of copyrights. I retain all copyrights to the picture except those expressly given. --Prices are subject to change.--

Single Character, color, no background............... $120.00
Single Character, color, limited background.......... $140.00
Single Character, color, full background............... $200.00

These prices may not represent the actual cost of your specific order,
especially in the case of backgrounds. You will receive a price quote when you
email me your character desciption and quote request.

It may take up to one week for me to reply, please forgive the inconvenience.

Don't have a character? Want something else drawn? Do you have a magazine or book you want to commission illustrations for?

Character Information
  1. Character Name:
  2. Profession and Race:
  3. Age:
  4. Body Build:
  5. Defining Physical Characteristics (hair, eyes, etc.):
  6. Attitude:
  7. Clothing:
  8. Accessories (jewelry, hair clips, etc.):
  9. Weapons Carried:
IMPORTANT! Also include:
  • Your real Name:
  • Country (for shipping purposes):
  • Your website address, or page address(s) where you intend to display the picture (if any)
Do not use these images, they are other people's characters. Thank you.