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Welcome to AlanesArt.com! This website features Alane Fieldson's original copyright illustrations of adventurers and fantastic creatures such as dragons, gryphons, unicorns and more. You will also find free drawing instructions and information. If you are interested, you can also commission her services to draw your favorite (or not so favorite if you are so inclined) RPG character or illustrate a book or magazine. Graphic design and website design services are also available. Visit the store for gift items, clothing and prints, information on copyright, and of course, links to other fantasy-related sites.
Welcome and enjoy your visit.

If you would like to use any of the pictures on this site please visit the picture use page for more information. Click here to read.

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Kelekona 'Ele the BlackI have finished dragon number 4 in the series of 5. This one is a fearsome black named "Kelekona ‘Ele the Black"

For those wondering what has become of me, most of my free time has been directed into creating a new website called LuminousGifts.com to sell Fireworks by Amalie jewelry (my sister's work) and the fused glass jewelry and art glass of my mother, Marian Fieldson.


Journey of NightHooray! Updates at last! I had been sitting on this painting for awhile trying to decide how to finish it. Well, it is done at last!


No new pictures to put up - my scanner was putting fine green lines through everything so I ended it up pulling it in half only to find where they hid the screws to open it the right way.

In other news, Versatile Printing Technologies is carrying my artwork at shows around the US and soon on their website. The are selling giclee prints, granite and marble etchings, tiles and other neat things. If you are in the Indianopolis area go see their booth!

2003 Holiday Craft and Gift Show
Indiana State Fairgrounds Event Center, Pioneer Our Land Pavillion
1202 E. 38th Street
Indianapolis, IN 46205-2869
Booth 133



Well things took a little longer than expected, but at last! AlanesArt.com renovations are complete. Play the music from 2001: A Space Odessey.

Indanthrene the Blue The next dragon in the series of 5 has been added to my gallery. This one is called "Indanthrene the Blue". Stay tuned for more.

Emeraude the Green The next dragon in the series of 5 has been added to my gallery. This one is called "Emeraude the Green". Stay tuned for more.

Also I have been busy working on a new version of AlanesArt.com to accomodate the added sections. The new site will be ready to launch as soon as I finish the last two galleries. Watch for the new site in within the week.
Hellebore the RedA new dragon has been added to the Dragons gallery. This one is called "Hellebore the Red" (I posted this as Resplendent Red but I decided I really didn't like that title). "Hellebore" was done with colored pencil (and a little watercolor for the background). The current image really doesn't quite do the picture justice though. I had to photograph it with a digital camera because the picture is too big to piece together using my scanner. I hope to take a better picture under controlled lighting as soon as I get the chance. Until then, here he is!

Also, I have added a mailing list to my website. I frequently get emails asking when I will be updating or when new instructions will be available, so if these are things you would like to know sign up for the mailing list (see the box to the left). To encourage folks to signup, I will offer a mailing-list-only preview of the next few pictures that I will be posting. Don't worry, I hate spam with a passion so I am certainly not going to help in its proliferation by giving my list out. The AlanesArt.com mailing list is for AlanesArt.com use only.

Queen of Spades - concept 1A belated Happy New Years to you all. I have updated the People Gallery with a new picture. I have mixed feelings about this one - it has become a concept picture for something that I will continue to mull over until I can produce something that I am satisfied with. While I am not entirely happy with the picture I feel it is good enough to include. It can be found in the People Gallery but it could be just as at home in the Dragons Gallery This one is called "Queen of Spades" - concept 1.

Happy Thanksgiving folks, I hope everyone had a safe and prodcutive holiday. I have added a new section to the site - Recommended Reading featuring artists' resource books for drawing and marketing artwork. You can get to the link through the FAQ section or from the Drawing Instruction section. Check out the books I have posted, I have used and benefited from all of the books that I recommend. The selection is powered by Amazon.com.

Sorry my site was temporarily unavailable for approximately 30 hours. I had been monkeying with the permissions and managed to lock everything down. Obviously, things are back up and running now. My appologies for the inconvenience.

UntitledHi folks, long time, no update. Well at long last here's a new picture. Over the past few months I have been working on my humanoids and here is one of my latest drawings.

Camilla Also, another new addition to the People gallery. I did this back in August but hadn't the chance to post it until now.

BradamanteAt long last, an update! I have been pretty preoccupied these last few months - new job, college graduation, the rigors of real life, etc. Now that I am finally getting back on track I have had some time to draw more. A friend of mine just recently gave me a reference book on medieval folklore for my birthday. Under woman warrior they briefly cited Bradamante, a woman knight from Orlando furioso. I was taken with the description and produced this new picture.

Go to new AlanesArt.com Logo merchadise In other news, I am able to start offering poster prints through CafePress, see the Products section for details. Also, I have launched a new products line using my logo, see the store.

Dragons, Etc. has now officially been renamed AlanesArt.com! If you are one of my page referrers whom I love so dearly, please update my listing when you have a chance.

Also, the Custom Artwork section has been expanded to cover the scope of my services. I am now offering illustration, graphic design and website design services along with the original RPG character illustration services.

A FAQ section has been added to the Contact page to answer those frequent questions and requests that come my way Lastly, I can accept credit cards for my services and products now courtesy of PayPal.

Another fairy for the People Gallery! Hahah, I guess I am on a fairy kick. Go ponder with her in the People Gallery!

A new (and old) fairy for the People Gallery. I revisited a watercolor I had created a few years ago and added new elements and cleaned it up in PhotoShop. This image will also be made available in the Products section on mousepads, mugs and shirts.

Also, I have created a new logo, you will see him in any of the galleries instead of the burst symbol.

A new dragon in the Dragons Gallery, its the finished version from the sketch of 01.02.02.

A new section has been added to the menu. The web rings have been removed and replaced with the drawing instruction section. Also, a new set of instructions and an introduction to drawing has been added. The new instructions cover the entire dragon. Drawing Instruction.

A new dragon in the Dragons Gallery!

Happy New Year everyone! Dragons, Etc. has returned to my own domain, AlanesArt.com, to stay this time. If you are linking to my site, please update your links.

A new sketch in the Sketch Book section, I am sure you RP'ers will appreciate this one ;)

Looks like Dragons, Etc. is back on track. I now have a scanner and have begun to update the site. The Guestbook has been replaced with a new Store Lobby that will take you to the stores hosted by CafePress. Currently the stores feature "Book Wyrm" and "Dragin' Dragon" on a variety of merchandise. Please check it out. If you have a favorite picture from my gallery that you would like to see on a shirt, mug, mousepad, etc. please email me and let me know!

New dragon in the Dragon Gallery - does this resemble anyone you know?

You may or may not already know but Dragons, Etc. lost its webhost and has returned to Angelfire until I can afford to buy hosting services. Development of this site has been slow with school work occupying most of my time and no scanner at home to scan pictures with anyway. I'm working on getting that scanner, but so far Santa hasn't returned any of my letters ;)

If you were here previously you may have noted that the Drawing Instruction section was missing. Well, good news, I had a backup of my whole website that I didn't even know about, complete with the instruction section - folks, label your disks! It will eventually grow, but first, a scanner.

Meanwhile, I have joined the staff at UH Hilo's student newspaper as a cartoon artist... actually their only cartoon artist. You can go see the newspaper and my strips at http://www.uhh.hawaii.edu/~kalahea/

After a long time offline as a result of a busted computer, I have succeeded in building a new machine and returning to the web. Alanesart.com suffered an (perhaps) accidental deletion at the hands of my webhost so Dragons, Etc. has found its way back to angelfire until I find a more reliable webhost. More pictures are on their way but you will have to wait a little longer because I don't have a scanner for this machine yet. For those of you wondering what happened to the tutorial section - it was deleted with my website BUT I have a copy of the original project and will convert it back into html and post it on the site. More turorials will be on the way.

A new Drawing Instruction section has been added to this site. You may find the link currently in the Gallery. Lesson 1 covers how to draw a dragon's head in pencil.

Hey folks long time since an update I know. I hope everyone had a good holiday season and for me and the rest of the students starting the new semester, good luck! The newest dragon in the Dragons Gallery was inspired by the *wonderful* Mac computers at work, so go visit him. I think everyone, pc and Mac users alike, can appreciate him because we all feel this way at least once in a while ;) Also, a new painting in the Other Gallery and more link additions. Check them out!

The launch of my new domain has arrived, welcome to AlanesArt.com!

Again, renovation of Dragons, Etc. started by difficulties in gallery navigation. It is now optimized for screen resolution of 800 x 600 or above. This new design uses frames in the Galleries so be sure to have a current version of your browser. No new pictures to post yet, things have been really busy.

New dragon in the Dragons Gallery and more link additions. Check them out

New look and a new home for Dragons, Etc. I have fled the evil pop-up ad enslavement of free web-space providers and have been given sanctuary by Lord Arturis of the DarkPlains. The new site design makes use of JavaScript in the galleries so please use the latest browser to view the site. Should you experience any difficulties, please contact me and let me know about it.